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Why choose Porch Light Plans?

As a modern builder or developer, we understand that you are looking for a high-quality house plan to meet the growing demand of your business. We provide home plans that are sustainable and affordable, and we work directly with you to customize them to meet your unique aesthetic and functional needs.

Whether you need a one-off tiny house or a whole neighborhood’s worth of house plans featuring one-story and two-story homes, we can help.

Porch Light’s modern house plans for sale are…


Each of our plans is designed to be BuildSMART panel compatible.

We also design with tried and true sustainable methods, meaning our plans are created with LEED, PHIUS, and Zero Energy compliance in mind.


Porch Light plans start at $1,000.

We’re happy to create a custom bundle of different home plans for your development. Don’t see a style available on our site? We’ll modify an existing plan in a few hours or work with you on a new, custom home plan.


We work with local HOAs to comply with established aesthetic standards.

All of our floor plans are design to be flexible and the exterior can be quickly modified to meet the look and feel of any development.

How it Works

Simplifying the process of buying and customizing sustainably designed home plans.


Whether you’re building a one-off single family home or a whole new development from the ground up, Porch Light Plans offers a variety of “out of the box” options for new, modern home builders & developers across the country.

Additionally, the Porch Light team can work directly with your business to customize these house plans when you need something more—because we understand that you have unique aesthetic & functional needs.

Modern house plans you’ll want to build over and over again.

Ready to collaborate on your next project?

Contact Porch Light Plans today to get in touch with our team and we’ll match you with the right house plans for your building needs.


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